Them There Folks

There are those whose fingers are always pickin’ somethin’——

Some like to sing high—–

And don’t forget the low singers——

Some that like to cling close—–

And those that are stand offish—-

And the perpetual scratchers—–

And the ones that can’t digest their food——–

And the squinters——

And those you can barely hear———

And the infernal loudmouths——

And everything in between——

And those who don’t know what day it is——-

And those who harbor grudges forever———

And light heads for whom anything goes——

And there are floor tappers——–

And wooden pencil eaters—–

And those who smile at everything—-

And so we come to the inevitable question——

Who are we that do all these things—–

We are the critters that some call “them those people”.