We might try this:

Each community must consider it’s needs. Food, shelter, and clothing are paramount. Other needs follow these in order of necessity. To obtain these we use money as an exchange. To earn money capable people must do what has to be done. These tasks must be distributed in a way that makes it possible for the performers to be as happy as possible while undertaking them. As the number of tasks grow the energy that exists will enter into more and more useful places. The brightest people, having the most compassion, will of necessity be compelled to navigate the area and come up with decisions of consequence. In the final analysis the “all for one & one for all” adage must prevail. It would behoove all of us not to think of sabotaging a well meaning concept and work in brotherhood and sisterhood. There really is no room for war and other antagonistic behaviour patterns. We must remember the unity of purpose in all the plants and animals and forget human ethnocentrism. In that spirit we might travel for a while.