What’s what.

This is all about the meaning of one’s actions.

  1. The place where you live will determine how, what, and when you eat. You will have many choices but they will be limited to availability, your use of exchange, and your intelligent choices based upon knowledge and judgment. Exercise great care within your limitations.
  2. Shelter from the elements, and all predators, human and otherwise, is very necessary to self preservation. Do not take it lightly! If it’s safe, easily affordable, and has reasonable aesthetic appeal, consider it.
  3. Do not be influenced by frivolous attractions. The undoing of many a soul is the desire to be someone we are not.
  4. Remember always, survival in a pleasant way is paramount.
  5. Cover your body with durable beauty that allows you to float easily in the midst of a sea of humans, many of whom are not enlightened with lack of avarice. Saying “Look at me” invites dangerous behavior.
  6. Do that which is the least invasive to your nature. In making decisions regarding the way you earn the objects which are exchangeable in your respective society for your needs, try and do something which includes the kind treatment of your being and the satisfaction of your ego.
  7. Consider the future in making decisions. Remember that one thing causes another and you never want to cause another’s discomfort.
  8. Look after the satisfaction of your own soul and keep covetousness away.
  9. Allow all other souls around you to have the peace which they need.
  10. Do that which is for the common good.