May 19, 3:50 PM,2009

Sarasota showed her great diverse nature last night. There was a serenade to my friend by a Columbian guitarist, a visit to a most fascinating woodcraft shop which had 5000 feet of tools, elegant woods, and a built in workshop, a promenade down a street full of watchamacallit shops culminating with an open air pool-room. Then, for an encore out of nowhere, not too far away a Bulgarian Coffee shop popped up hosted by a young Polish man and a daughter of Bulgaria. To top it off a lover’s quarrel was witnessed which had a happy ending. The man carried his lady on his shoulders into a black pickup truck. She then got out, and voluntarily returned to live happily ever after. Twilight came and the magic chariot that carried me through all this delivered me to my door. It was piloted by a Fairy Szary Princess. The night spun on as the dreamy world whisked my soul on a hayride. Many hours later, at sunrise,the real and the fantastic merged.