The Party

There was a fly in the pie and guests were arriving**

It couldn’t be reached without breaking the crust**

Of the fourteen wine glasses, one had lipstick on it’s rim**

A chair was a bit weak and might just collapse**

There were seven tea bags and fourteen were needed**

As everyone would be taking tea**

The hostess had one shoelace that was too long**

And if she stepped on it she would surely go down**

She forgot to take the dog out and it was prone to leave its calling card

on the posh living room rug**

The teaspoons were merely rinsed without soap**

The piano was very audibly out of tune**

The handiman was scheduled to mow the lawn

and his lawnmower created a most raucous sound**

The front door had a trick lock which refused to open**

They would all have to trudge in through the back door

and it was starting to rain**

She might be short a plate or two or even three**

The trash people hadn’t been by for two weeks**

And the toilet nearly flushed every other time**

Six days she toiled and on this, the seventh day

she simply gave up**

But everything righted itself**

And much to her surprise things came together in a fashion**

And she basked in the sunshine after the rain-when everyone had left-

And chalked up another Win++++++++