Has Your Ear Been Bent?

Sitting quietly on a wooden bench, listening to bird  calls from the neighboring tree,

And taking in the sunshine and west wind,

I perceived the presence of an invador and a time predator.

He pierced nature’s sublime symphony with the raucous voice of his convictions,

Which were unsolicited and most unwanted, and cacaphonous.

He saw me and just had to rudely intrude into my space and rob me of a few precious moments

Of joyful tranquility by forcibly inserting himself

Where he most certainly was not wanted.

What twisted personalities set up their acquaintances in order to smash then down

with egocentric behavior.

“Get lost Charlie” Shut up! My brain is full!

There is no room for you here”!

No, you can’t speak that way to “hungry for listeners” monsters.

But you can claim cramps and whatever goes with them

In order to leave the scene in a hurry.

As you go you let out a blast from the rear

and hopefully a trail of the foulest smelling methane gas.

Thus, the ultimate comment on the beast’s pontification is there for the world to smell.

And there is the sweet aroma of flowers

Near the bench that’s over the next hill:

So take heart and walk fast!