Over and over and over

The repetition in the public media pounds on one’s head. After hearing a statement it is repeated ad nauseam. This has entered our culture and we are subjected to redundancy throughout our lives. If speech were short, sweet, truthful, and compassionate our lives would be improved. As we speak to each other let the principles of kindness, brevity, and truth prevail. Mutual respect brings happiness.


I was sitting in an outdoor coffee shop this morning as a spectator. Next to me was a couple with a guy on a cell phone while the lady silently watched and waited for ten full minutes. At another table people were also waiting for each other to get off their respective cell phones. There were some people immersed in their computer screens oblivious to the world around them. Suddenly a middle aged man sat down alongside me and with a wonderful Turkish accent said that he he was leaving for Istanbul on June 2. I never saw this stranger before but in a few seconds he was no longer a stranger. The technofudges were soothing their egos with electronic instruments that obeyed their every command and I happily met a person who did not bury himself in gadgets and could enjoy the morning breeze.


It is February 2nd. 2010 and the pieces of jewelry in the J.B.Starker workshop are “screaming” to be released. If you would like a real treat purchase one of these hand made creations and have “company” for the years to come. Original paintings and sculpture can also be found here, amen.

Original Paintings ++++ Laminated Prints

At 2809 North Tamiami Trail in Sarasota, Florida, one can find a workshop full of paintings by Jay B. Starker. They are reminders of the abstract movement of the twentieth century. There are 21st. century laminated inkjet prints which, although small (8″/10″ & 11″/17″ ) are powerful and formidable. If you would like an eyefeast which will give you pleasure for a lifetime pay a visit to this unusual place. P. S. There are lots of other goodies!

If you love to shop online??????

At the online shops of “J.B.Starker.info and La Journee Parfaite.fr there is a fresh breath of originality which is scarcely found in the world of commerce. These two very different cyber spaceships take you on very differnt yet pleasant journeys. The former strokes your aesthetic senses and the latter allows you to savor the comfort of having an electronic friend stand by your side. Please be our guest and ride these respective rocket ships.

The Birth Day

I was born on October 7, 1932.  So what! I don’t know how as a human being, with all the limitations placed on my behaviour, I might lead a pleasant, fruitful, eventful, and healthy life. I invent rules that might help. Eat the food that nourishes best. Feed the brain with creative adventures leading to creations which may be shared by others. Keep destructive thoughts out of my conciousness. Live in close union with neighboring plants and animals, seeing them as fellow members of life’s journey. As I contemplate the vast beyond I am reminded of my small place in infinity and how precious it is to me and those whom I love. I could go on but it feels right to say “Ciao Bella” and always live in HOPE, the gift that remains inside.

Nine Eleven-’09

It’s quiet here. Very ordinary things are happening; but the dragon is drinking deeply. With uncertainty we move and with uncertainty we speak and with uncertainty we attempt to totally function. It’s not worse than it used to be. It’s just that the future is perceived as a giant nimbus cloud, hovering. Mr. & Mrs. John Q. Public are constantly spoken to but rarely given the opportunity to come forth. Can you blame the little mouse for squealing when its postion in life is untenable. If, by some miraculous event, the cloud blows away, and doesn’t burst before that happens, we shall shall rub our eyes and wonder what sort of dark dream we have lived through. Our collective memory of tragedy grows weaker as time passes. We are protected by our mind’s ability to focus on the present. As always, it is well to count our blessings.

Saturday Afternoon

The happenings around are the usual but everything has a “far away” taste. I feel like a bird, having flown in on a west wind, perusing the scene. The trees and ubiquitous plants are the same but it feels like a first look. Even the “air” is new. Walking speaks like a wild fresh idea. If I were reborn would I feel like this? All the people are new. Sounds, sights and smells are wildly fascinating. I can’t wait for the next moment’s enfolding. Tell me J——  What do you have in mind?