It’s Comin’

Today I sense a new day. Hopefully: 1- Everything will make sense-  2-Things will be intelligibly simple- 3-I will be able to accomplish my goals-4- There will be a pleasant workplace- 5- Joy and satisfaction will pervade the air-6-My body and mind will be in harmony-7- The flame of love will burn for my family and friends and the world at large.


I have moved from a shop where my soul was buried beneath possessions of great interest. It was the 6th time that this happened within fifty years. The moves have grown progressively worse because of the nuances that occur in greater number each time. There is no end game to this last one yet. My family and I are in the plan. My fervant wish is to be given the chance to produce art works,(jewelry, music, & graphics).  While the clock ticks I am in a state of recovery waiting for the opportunity to put some energy into a new piece. I hope the exuberance always remains present.

A little bit of “Spice”

If you have a persona that is seen as being somewhat elegant try a little bit of adornment and it might turn out to be the right “spice” for the dish. Our shop provides this and more. Visit soon!

Somebody said———-

A media squashblossom said “the recession is over.” What a wonderful fantasy to live by. So I’m going to act accordingly. As Christmas bells approach the open doors to my shop are calling all to enter. If you and your canine and children decide to take this course of action you will be rewarded by a hodge-podge museum of handmade “things.” If you make a purchase it will afford you a lifetime of pleasure.

If you love to shop online??????

At the online shops of “ and La Journee there is a fresh breath of originality which is scarcely found in the world of commerce. These two very different cyber spaceships take you on very differnt yet pleasant journeys. The former strokes your aesthetic senses and the latter allows you to savor the comfort of having an electronic friend stand by your side. Please be our guest and ride these respective rocket ships.

Hello Out There

In my store are many treasures. There are original pieces of jewelry that I fashioned from scratch. There are paintings that feast the imagination. There are many stones and leather belts and sandals from the time of the “hippies”. Come between 10:30 am and 4:pm and taste the “eyefeast with caviar”!!!

Come one, Come all!!

Welcome to Sarasota’s Hodge-Podge Museum! Filled with all sorts of hidden treasures this store sits on the North Trail near the Ringling College of Art. As the holidays loom wouldn’t it be nice to find an original, attractive, and resonably priced work of art that was made locally. From gold and silver jewelry to graphic art this shop has “critters” that will ring your bells. Bon appetite**********

The mysterious and magic aura of gems

By their infinite gradations of color and patterns caused by the many events of world history, and various characteristics due to cause and effect, gems (so named by humans) have for thousands of years wielded a mysterious cloak of “magic” over the various civilizations that have come and gone.

For the last forty years I too have been enraptured by the rocks of this extra-ordinary planet. Their aura has given me the inspiration to create very unusual pieces of jewelry which hold the onlooker in a state of “wonder” as millions of years of events mingle with this humble mind of the 21st. century.

Originating something which will last through the ages and continue to stimulate minds, is a great joy and holds within the act a sense of responsibility to the great future beyond. The stones that I work with have been specially selected for their beauty and inner mystery. Of course this is subjective but as a fellow human I am attempting to share some of the emotions which might be commonly felt.

From the world of gemstones and their journey through our hands come some of the true joys of life. They give us nothing but pleasure.

Rugged custom leather sandals are back.

In the sixties and seventies we made hundreds of hand made custom sandals in Provincetown and Sarasota. When you came into the store, we traced your foot on a big sheet of brown paper. Carefully marking between the toes and where your ankle bones are, the straps were placed accordingly.

Starker Sandals

Be part of the legend.

We offer again our famous Tommy Adjustable. This design was perfected by Dad and Tommy. The entire sandal has a single strap which you gently pull to fit.

Our sandals are cobbled, not sewn, and because of the quality leather and tough soles, customers often kept wearing our sandals for 10 years or longer.

Best of all, they fit your foot. All your toes have a comfortable home.