Blagorjjy my friends

For those who have conquered knowledge there is another frontier. This entails blending in with what is currently happening. Its always a trial creating new things. They have a life of their own when completed and like new life make the world a bit different because of their existence. If you are one of those people bringing new things forward the possibilities are humbling. Now and then you look up and notice pure immensity. What,where,when and so forth are arriving. If you are satisfied with what you have done just smile. Infinity speaks loudly and you know you are a cog in the wheel—- thats all. So bravo brothers and sisters and carry on with a heart full of joy!!

Letter of Eberhard Gress to Jay Starker 6/14/2008

Love Conquers All by Eberhard Gress

My father, Dr. Richard Gress was drafted into the Kaiser’s army during World War One. In 1917 he was wounded and captured by British soldiers in the battle of France. My father was then taken to a P.O.W. camp in England. There he asked the commandant for musicology books in order to continue his musical studies. The British Captain got him the books. Late 1918, or the end of the war, my father was released from his P.O.W. camp and returned to Germany. With the knowledge of the English music books he reentered the University of Tuebingen and completed his Doctor of Philosophy. Love had conquered the senseless war; a shining moment in history.

Love Conquers Terror

During World War Two, Hitler ordered the British City, Coventry, to be destroyed by Luftwaffe bombings. The Allies responded by destroying the beautiful German city , Dresden, by air raids. The survivors of these horrible killings met after the war and decided to become sister cities. They started a love affair across the English Channel. They are now one big family that will never harm each other again, NEVER: A victory of love and reason over senseless Terror. MANKIND FOLLOW THESE EXAMPLES!

Hope for Mankind Well alive!

Time: World War One, 1914-1918

Where: In the trenches between Germany, France, England, and The United States of America.

When: Christmas 1917

Soldiers of all four countries stopped the shooting and killings and listened to Christmas songs out of their respective trenches. The spirit of God’s Love for all MANKIND took over. After Christmas the senseless WAR continued, but there was a shining moment of ever, all conquering LOVE!

Tickle Me

As a Vivaldi violin concerto fills the air with joyful sound, the price of oil travels to a record high of $138 per barrel and the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummets 300 points and nature seems to be standing still. Have humans created a “hit and miss” world of two legged affairs which they can no longer control for the greater good and which subjects them to a tyranny of happenings leading to various forms of misery? From this abyss of dreams of hope we pull out a favorite and cling to it as it begins to rise. Yes, it’s June 6, 2008, and “have you a plan Mr.”? Well-Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!!!!!!

What’s what.

This is all about the meaning of one’s actions.

  1. The place where you live will determine how, what, and when you eat. You will have many choices but they will be limited to availability, your use of exchange, and your intelligent choices based upon knowledge and judgment. Exercise great care within your limitations.
  2. Shelter from the elements, and all predators, human and otherwise, is very necessary to self preservation. Do not take it lightly! If it’s safe, easily affordable, and has reasonable aesthetic appeal, consider it.
  3. Do not be influenced by frivolous attractions. The undoing of many a soul is the desire to be someone we are not.
  4. Remember always, survival in a pleasant way is paramount.
  5. Cover your body with durable beauty that allows you to float easily in the midst of a sea of humans, many of whom are not enlightened with lack of avarice. Saying “Look at me” invites dangerous behavior.
  6. Do that which is the least invasive to your nature. In making decisions regarding the way you earn the objects which are exchangeable in your respective society for your needs, try and do something which includes the kind treatment of your being and the satisfaction of your ego.
  7. Consider the future in making decisions. Remember that one thing causes another and you never want to cause another’s discomfort.
  8. Look after the satisfaction of your own soul and keep covetousness away.
  9. Allow all other souls around you to have the peace which they need.
  10. Do that which is for the common good.