Big E’s

Big E’s is a one of a kind coffee, tea, and assorted goody shop. It’s inhabited by high intellect people from the Ringling College of Art, New College, U.S.F. and assorted figures of note from all walks of life. You can get into mighty important discussions here and also relax and “flemmarder” (do nothing). It’s across from the big old Burger King on the North Trail and also across from Ringling College. You can walk to the bay down Virginia Drive. Eric, the owner, is a compassionate being who really likes everyone and leaves people to their machinations. There are usually paintings from Ringling¬† students on the walls. There is free wi-fi and you can never tell whom you might run into. It’s the “funnest” coffee shop in Sarasota and operates in a true Bohemian manner.

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