I was sitting in an outdoor coffee shop this morning as a spectator. Next to me was a couple with a guy on a cell phone while the lady silently watched and waited for ten full minutes. At another table people were also waiting for each other to get off their respective cell phones. There were some people immersed in their computer screens oblivious to the world around them. Suddenly a middle aged man sat down alongside me and with a wonderful Turkish accent said that he he was leaving for Istanbul on June 2. I never saw this stranger before but in a few seconds he was no longer a stranger. The technofudges were soothing their egos with electronic instruments that obeyed their every command and I happily met a person who did not bury himself in gadgets and could enjoy the morning breeze.


At least Sarasota is breezy. Ninety degree afternoons are simply too hot. Those of us flitting around must discern where the best places to hang out are. Mostly these are where the free breezes roam. Once and a while a human contact affords some comfort. This blog is dedicated to happy days—-in the face of whatever.