Simple and Easy

Piece of mind and stress free time are available when horrendously complex problems are not presenting themselves. We might need complexity on occasion but a constant overdose is not too healthy. The best part of life consists of comunion with nature, keeping in touch with the body and mind’s needs, enjoying the company of life’s creatures-be they plants or animals. Large problematic situations are recipes for mental and physical disasters. Solveable problems present pleasant challenges which are happily overcome. So**** Live in balance while you stay tuned in. Each precious moment has it’s gifts.

It’s Comin’

Today I sense a new day. Hopefully: 1- Everything will make sense-  2-Things will be intelligibly simple- 3-I will be able to accomplish my goals-4- There will be a pleasant workplace- 5- Joy and satisfaction will pervade the air-6-My body and mind will be in harmony-7- The flame of love will burn for my family and friends and the world at large.


The world is full of hungry fish. All have no questions and simply “are.” Finding a place amongst them is not easy but do-able. If one thinks like a caveman and is at home with nature it might work out. Incidentally, what happened to compassion? It might appear again in a different costume. Keep your eyes open!!!


I have moved from a shop where my soul was buried beneath possessions of great interest. It was the 6th time that this happened within fifty years. The moves have grown progressively worse because of the nuances that occur in greater number each time. There is no end game to this last one yet. My family and I are in the plan. My fervant wish is to be given the chance to produce art works,(jewelry, music, & graphics).  While the clock ticks I am in a state of recovery waiting for the opportunity to put some energy into a new piece. I hope the exuberance always remains present.