New Years Eve, 2009

If life were all that bad I wouldn’t be writing this. ’09 has awakened us. We are indeed fragile and dependant on each other to provide the means of exchange to function (money). The following might be helpful: 1–Be Humble  2–Give due respect to all life  3-Pay homage to those that came before and made the present possible. As you pursue your goals with the hope of success tread lightly so that your “footprint”  is not destructve  4–Keep Love in your heart for the forces of all the good things around  5–Enjoy every hour of life’s adventure as much as possible  6–Success equals Happiness  7–Give “Thanks” in your heart for all that you have and enter the New Year with gladness.       

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  1. Reading this took me back to 1993 and some of the conversations we had. It is a reminder of why you became such a close friend. We are truly kindred spirits. You are one of two people in my life who I consider to be the most positive. The other was Selma Jacob, the founder of my writer’s group and author of ONCE YOU GET OVER THE HILL YOU BEGIN TO PICK UP SPEED. You and she would have been fast friends.

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