Once a little pretty girl was born and her name was Kayzee. She grew and grew and grew. Of a sudden she turned into a woman. One after another the adventures came. The earth knew no bounds. She laughed, danced, and sang wherever she went. She knew she could have the miracle of having a baby but the 20th and 21st centuries told her something else. She learned that teaching children would allow her to share her treasured feelings and teach she did and the years rolled by.

     Then, one day, she received a baby wolf. She accepted the wolf into her life as if it were her child not realizing that it was different from her and( Lo And Behold) it turned out that her feelings were correct. From the dawn of human consciousness we find Brother Wolf at our side. She has had many an adventure with her wolf  as he grew up with her, his human mother. The boundaries of Love have been hereby extended and Earth shines a wee bit brighter in the universe.

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