Afghanistan-A Possible Solution

Foreign troops are in Afghanistan “strutting”. Noone likes to see military uniforms in their streets. So— Take off the uniforms and wear work clothes and stop making one’s self visible. Blend, blend, and blend again. Single male foreigners to this land who are available should consider marrying some of these beautiful, intelligent, and savvy women. A mindset of constuctive work is needed to feed the nation. The children produced will cause unbreakable bonds to be formed. All the politcal groups will become subordinate to the daily needs of these extra-ordinary people. New crops to feed everyone will be introduced. The picturesque mountains could become tourist hangouts for people that want to be in dramatically unusual places–etc.   etc. These diverse political elements will begin to realize that their greatest asset is the love between each other that turned into blind hatred. From humble beginnings, love’s spark will ignite the flame that will give Afghanistan a prestigious place in the sun and a degree of prosperity and comfort that will please it’s people.  Am I asking for the Impossible?

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  1. Why not have them wear uniforms, but something more elegant!! Something along the lines of the uniforms worn by the lads on the cover of the Sgt Peppers album. And what’s that cool black instrument that the musician in the blue satin holds in his hands?

    Keep a few of the martial tunes in the repertory, just for old times sake, the JP Sousa, and alla battaglia works… But as for things that people enjoy and appreciate,-well the possibilities are endless. Maybe the population of Afghanistan might enjoy a perky polka arrangement of some of their own tunes

    Armies could do well to add more saxophones and violins and canons, instead of the rifles and cannons that are so in vogue nowadays.

    As to implementing these ‘pipe dreams’ theswe simple ideas need to be brought to the attention of department of defense think tanks or something. I not sure whether or not such ideas are taught, or even considered at the National War College at Fort McNair.

    However their organizational goal says ” “The College is concerned with grand strategy and the utilization of the national resources necessary to implement that strategy… Its graduates will exercise a great influence on the formulation of national and foreign policy in both peace and war….”

    alumni association

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