One half hour before midnight December 31, 2011 there is a vile odor permeating the entire earth. As if by magic tiny foul smelling small insects with tiny wings inundate everything. Life as we know it is slowing down. Humans cannot breathe without inhaling these creatures. Once inside the body they simply explode, They are coming from the planet Ognosis. They are souls inside insect bodies. They have decided to replace the earth’s human population by means of a metamorphic trans-migration and transformation. Now all human souls will go to the planet Ognosis and remain there for 100 million years while Ognosians take over earth. When 2012 arrives they will become two legged minicreatures and make all the important decisions that humans couldn’t handle. They don’t comunicate with each other. All will become obnosified and cleanly traquelled. Have no fear people, it won’t hurt a thing+++++++

If you love to shop online??????

At the online shops of “J.B.Starker.info and La Journee Parfaite.fr there is a fresh breath of originality which is scarcely found in the world of commerce. These two very different cyber spaceships take you on very differnt yet pleasant journeys. The former strokes your aesthetic senses and the latter allows you to savor the comfort of having an electronic friend stand by your side. Please be our guest and ride these respective rocket ships.

Hello Out There

In my store are many treasures. There are original pieces of jewelry that I fashioned from scratch. There are paintings that feast the imagination. There are many stones and leather belts and sandals from the time of the “hippies”. Come between 10:30 am and 4:pm and taste the “eyefeast with caviar”!!!

Come one, Come all!!

Welcome to Sarasota’s Hodge-Podge Museum! Filled with all sorts of hidden treasures this store sits on the North Trail near the Ringling College of Art. As the holidays loom wouldn’t it be nice to find an original, attractive, and resonably priced work of art that was made locally. From gold and silver jewelry to graphic art this shop has “critters” that will ring your bells. Bon appetite**********