Saturday Afternoon

The happenings around are the usual but everything has a “far away” taste. I feel like a bird, having flown in on a west wind, perusing the scene. The trees and ubiquitous plants are the same but it feels like a first look. Even the “air” is new. Walking speaks like a wild fresh idea. If I were reborn would I feel like this? All the people are new. Sounds, sights and smells are wildly fascinating. I can’t wait for the next moment’s enfolding. Tell me J——  What do you have in mind?


Looking around at the etraordinary beauty of  the creations surrounding me, and noting that there are few onlookers in spite of  a populous world, I’m convinced that the human ego perceives that it can be satisfied more easily by watching a computer screen than by going anywhere else. By sitting in one place and browsing the world the two legged folks spend their time inactively. If one walks among trees. and flowering plants. and blowing winds. and beaches, and active city streets, and strange places ad infinitum, there is excitement in one’s life that can’t be replicated by the lethal concentration of data presented on a computer screen. It’s a hard addiction to kick but it’s better to relegate all that data to a small place in one’s life and get “real”.  Start by considering what time is lost forever and what beauty could have been ingested. Then ask how many pounds of “love”  can be bought by flitting around in person.


So was it a magic chariot that brought me here?

And what had I to do with it?

The falling water and green things rest my feelings.

Does this place have a name?

Can I now live in peace?

I’ve searched everywhere and someone else made this decision.

But who?

Thank you, thank you!

And now let’s celebrate.

Bring in the musicians********

“Welcome” painters!

Cheers for the dancers and happy faces!

We might be home.