The Boneless Chickenizer

This is a device needed the world over. It consists of three eliptical circles of confusion attached to a 6″ pulley wrangled around a gauntlet of 20 gauge copper wire forming a wayward view of the reality of bones and feathers of euthanized chickens.Looking at it sideways one notices the result of the taking of the lives of sick chickens who by their bones and feathers shall be remembered. Standing in a pit of ignorance Henry flung the “boneless chickenizer” as far as he could and watched it boomerang back to the exact place that it started out. Finally, the 21st century has something important to hang it’s hat on.

It’s July Time

There are nimbus clouds in the sky and the earth is behaving normally. Human troubles, which are momentous, divert us from the slow and easy pace of the universe. Were we able to relax and enjoy, and put aside the two legged problems which boil our blood, the pervading calm would be pleasantly overwhelming. Dear people, for 15 minutes while the sun is dying, let Her Highness Hope perform her miraculous ritual. Then ride into the night with a free spirit. Tomorrow will ever come and it just might be a little better.