The mysterious and magic aura of gems

By their infinite gradations of color and patterns caused by the many events of world history, and various characteristics due to cause and effect, gems (so named by humans) have for thousands of years wielded a mysterious cloak of “magic” over the various civilizations that have come and gone.

For the last forty years I too have been enraptured by the rocks of this extra-ordinary planet. Their aura has given me the inspiration to create very unusual pieces of jewelry which hold the onlooker in a state of “wonder” as millions of years of events mingle with this humble mind of the 21st. century.

Originating something which will last through the ages and continue to stimulate minds, is a great joy and holds within the act a sense of responsibility to the great future beyond. The stones that I work with have been specially selected for their beauty and inner mystery. Of course this is subjective but as a fellow human I am attempting to share some of the emotions which might be commonly felt.

From the world of gemstones and their journey through our hands come some of the true joys of life. They give us nothing but pleasure.

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