Rugged custom leather sandals are back.

In the sixties and seventies we made hundreds of hand made custom sandals in Provincetown and Sarasota. When you came into the store, we traced your foot on a big sheet of brown paper. Carefully marking between the toes and where your ankle bones are, the straps were placed accordingly.

Starker Sandals

Be part of the legend.

We offer again our famous Tommy Adjustable. This design was perfected by Dad and Tommy. The entire sandal has a single strap which you gently pull to fit.

Our sandals are cobbled, not sewn, and because of the quality leather and tough soles, customers often kept wearing our sandals for 10 years or longer.

Best of all, they fit your foot. All your toes have a comfortable home.

5 Replies to “Rugged custom leather sandals are back.”

  1. I lovingly remember my 1st pair of starker sandals. My sister Mercy was good friends with jay and Zebo, I was 9 years younger than my sister and I remember as a teenager Jay telling me not to do drugs just be high on life. It made such an impression on me and I followed his advice all these years. Is it possible that another generation is making the sandals? I would love a pair.

    Sincerely, Victoria

  2. I remember Starker sandals from the sixties in Sarasota. The most comfortable sandals in the world. Is it possible to get a pair?

    1. Are your sandals still available and if so how much are they? I remember them from high school days in the 60’s and have always wanted a pair. Now that I cannot wear shoes because of neuropathy pain I would really prize a pair!

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