The Little People (a 1966 thought)

They wend their way and break your heart

Whenever wrong is done.

A little person knows and feels

Like feeling always was.

Can you hear them O?

Laugh with me please,

And play some too.

Little people love you.

Can you be one too?

As honest as a feeling is

In any time of year

Little one pray tell

What is it you fear?

A bumble bee, a lightening bolt,

A windy moan, some thunder?

Daddy’s near you now;

Hear the trouble fade.

Above the world so dark–

A moon face gently smiling—

So rock-a-bye to many hugs

Your troubles are leaving.

Slowly swings the windy branch,

And through the midnights tears,

Have I kept a pact with you

And shared your little fears?

Someday all of them go

And grey I will be waiting—

Have I given you little one

The things my heart is saying————–