Halloween, 10/31/2008

The American people are being hammered by redundant election cliches and an economic situation which speaks of their inability to function. After being “raised” by caring parents we go out on our own into the world at large and try to find a niche in which to function. There is competition for all the means which might achieve this. The wonder of specialization and a means of exchange for our labor (money) allows the billions of humans to find something useful to do. The rush for wealth causes many panics because of the lack of organization. Bubbles are created which burst and wars take place as one ideology tries to ram its contents down the throats of many who are cool towards it.  It has always been going on this way. Opportunism is part of all life. People have been trying to find the “whys” for centuries. Look at the plants and animals around you and savor the hours of your presence amongst them. Compassion for things in this world affords us peace and happiness. These are paramount. Ciao bella, JBS