Victory of Love

My opera is being performed!

This is a performance which will be a predecessor to a major performance next year, kind of a teaser.

Victory of Love, the opera. By STARKER and GRESS



We humans have been quarreling for thousands of years and it hasn’t stopped. Some of the most powerful reasons for this has been the presence of some characters in our midst who take over our minds.

There is GREED, causing a chain of events to occur which go amok causing misery and hopelessness to countless souls.

There is NO CONSCIENCE, steeped in utter selfishness and lack of compassion, caring less about anyone’s misfortune.

Then there is HATE, the bringer of doom.

We, the human race, have always given birth to the HATE MONSTER and it has sunk its fangs into our veins like the predatory vampire that it is. AND …. While these dark forces stalk, there are the forces of light to which we all turn for comfort.

There is REASON, teaching us to weigh what we do and choose a pathway of enlightenment.

There is HOPE, standing as a beacon to our souls in times of deep sorrow.

And there is the source of the greatest light, LOVE, giving our lives meaning and purpose.

There are always MANIPULATED MASSES who swallow drivel. But LOVE, the beloved queen of the World charms us into a mystic sea of happiness and conquers all things.

Sunday, September 14th from 4:00 – 5:00 pm
Whitfield Presbyterian Church, 7045 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota


Only $5 at the door or onlineĀ  in advance at (+1.50 handling fee)


Libretto by Eberhard Gress and Music by Jay Starker

Artistic and Music Director – Deidre Reigel
Assistant Music Director and Tenor – David Martinez
Instrumental Director – Gary Reinstrom
Baritone – John Peters
Bass – Tom Hemphill
Soprano – Lillian Moore
Contra Alto – Madeleine Poole
Pianist – Mark Allerbach
Violin – John Short

August 19 and Bliss

A very pleasant relief from scorching sunlight and oppressive heat has come upon us. After being bombarded by storm warnings and flood warnings and after mandatory evacuation orders of my home, I awoke this morning to refreshing breezes and temperatures which please the human soul. There was a wonderful feeling of empty space as the lack of traffic took effect on my consciousness. The brainwashed masses once again believed what they heard and gleefully prepared for the disaster. It made them feel very important to participate in a potential hurricane. Yet, on this day, we saw calm, refreshing weather clothing us. The schools are closed as are many businesses. A wondrous dream has come true. There is peace for a short while. Imagine if the masses were convinced to propagate a rational world of compassion. Could we stand it?

The Party

There was a fly in the pie and guests were arriving**

It couldn’t be reached without breaking the crust**

Of the fourteen wine glasses, one had lipstick on it’s rim**

A chair was a bit weak and might just collapse**

There were seven tea bags and fourteen were needed**

As everyone would be taking tea**

The hostess had one shoelace that was too long**

And if she stepped on it she would surely go down**

She forgot to take the dog out and it was prone to leave its calling card

on the posh living room rug**

The teaspoons were merely rinsed without soap**

The piano was very audibly out of tune**

The handiman was scheduled to mow the lawn

and his lawnmower created a most raucous sound**

The front door had a trick lock which refused to open**

They would all have to trudge in through the back door

and it was starting to rain**

She might be short a plate or two or even three**

The trash people hadn’t been by for two weeks**

And the toilet nearly flushed every other time**

Six days she toiled and on this, the seventh day

she simply gave up**

But everything righted itself**

And much to her surprise things came together in a fashion**

And she basked in the sunshine after the rain-when everyone had left-

And chalked up another Win++++++++