What is light.

Answer: As trillions of particles on the sun rub together

There is friction and the heat from the friction causes


Earth receives a very small percentage of what is made

But that is all we get.

Now, pray tell### What is the cause of all this?

Redundant Cliches

How long can one tolerate the hammer of redundancy?

How long will time worn concepts be reiterated?

A stroll in the countryside, the urbanscape,

And in places of changing landscape

Will alleviate the mental anguish

Caused by the bombardment of cliches.

Its the human imprint— over and over

And over and over.

There is no remedy.

BUT*** You don’t have to repeat again and again

Worn out ideas, phrases of no consequence,

Buckets of hogwash, and many forms of


So*** Take a walk and while you’re at it

Make sure your own teapot doesn’t boil over####################

Buttered Bread

I tweaked the butterfly’s mustache

While wending through a normal day

And found the secret to all things.

It all matters and it always has:

For every piece of life

Chasing vim and vigor******************

And that’s how we get by………….

How To Alienate A Mouse

You wouldn’t think that

Such a well formed, beautiful creature as a mouse

Would  be subjected to some of the lowest forms of human degradation.

LIKE— Being stepped upon; murdered by poisoning, trapped and

Consequently destroyed, turning predators upon them, driving them into

abysmal weather by subjecting them to high frequency sounds and

Inventing numerous ways to make their life unbearable.

But the hapless mouse within us lives on as long as we do

And is subject to the same treatment as the mouse without.

Her shyness is taken advantage of by wanton acts of aggression.

She is screamed at incessantly and made to perform dastardly deeds.

She is left waiting in the cold while there is merriment all around.

She is left lonely and abandoned when a major event ensues.

After all, she is only a mouse#########

Try as she will, she cannot be heard above the roaring din.

She is filled with love and encounters only life’s hostility.

Thus, to alienate a wondrous mouse:

Go on stomping through life with egocentric mania

And forget there is ought but your own boorish needs.

Its all about STRUTTING

Wanting to be noticed, the human wears a

Uniform that stands out in a crowd.

Then, calling attention to itself,

It makes noises appropriate to its goal.

It frets, balks, whines, and  oftentimes becomes

Violent in a very obnoxious way.

This is also true of other forms of life.

And so life turns out to be self serving.

It must be in order to survive.


As we accomodate the forms around us

With gifts of recognition, kindness, affection

And even Love,

The light of contentment will brightly shine.

Can we put rivalry aside and live peacefully?

A penny for your thoughts!!